Best Ways to Promote Your Instagram Following 

 May 10, 2022

If you’re new to Instagram, there are a few simple ways to increase your following quickly. These strategies include geotagging, hashtags, and cross-posting. And if you follow these steps, your account will grow faster than you’d imagine.

As we all know, the most effective ways to grow a social account is through the use of long term marketing methods like producing content and using hashtags. These are great, but sometimes you just want to get more Instagram followers fast, and are looking to explore the different options available.

Read on to find out how you can use each one to grow your following quickly. Here are the top ways to promote your Instagram account, starting today. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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When you cross-post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you are reaching your audience across all of these platforms. However, each social network has its own posting parameters, so you must adapt your cross-posting strategy to match each platform’s character limit. For example, Twitter limits posts to 280 characters, while Instagram’s limit is 2200. Be sure to tailor your content to fit these limits to avoid losing credibility.

The best way to cross-post content is by optimizing it for each platform. Each social network has different best practices for cross-posting, so you need to know when to post your content and which channels work best for you. Instagram tends to go heavy on hashtags, while Facebook often requires a different description for images. For this reason, it’s best to use a scheduling tool, such as Social Champ, to make sure your content is posted at the optimal time. Another great feature of Sprout Social is its Asset Library, which enables you to store and edit your media in one central location.

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But when it comes to cross-posting, you should always keep in mind that it can hurt your Instagram followers. For example, a behind-the-scenes post might not be appropriate for LinkedIn, while it would make perfect sense for Instagram. Another example of this is the famous dance challenge by Justin Bieber, which gained 9.8 million likes on Instagram and 4.8 million on TikTok. The reason why cross-posting is so ineffective is because it looks spammy and inefficient.


Using Instagram hashtags to promote your following is an excellent way to make your posts more visible to your followers. Instagram categorizes posts based on the hashtags that people use to find them. Use these hashtags to make your posts more accessible and to increase your efforts when getting more Instagram followers by targeting the specific types of people who are most interested in your content. You may have already seen how hashtags work on other social media platforms, but you may not be aware of the full potential of hashtags for promoting your Instagram following.

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To create a successful hashtag campaign, research the popular hashtags and find one that is related to your niche. For example, if you are in the sushi industry, you can use the hashtag #internationalsushiday to draw attention to local sushi businesses. Another hashtag to use is #sushiday, which will attract followers with similar interests. In addition to using hashtags for your own account, you can use them to post content to your social media calendar.

Using hashtags is an excellent way to gain exposure by tagging your content with related keywords. Hashtags allow people to categorize your content, so that it will show up when users type in specific keywords. This makes hashtag research extremely important. For example, if you sell art supplies, you should use the hashtag #art for all your posts. Alternatively, if your niche is food, you can use #food for your posts.

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By geotagging your Instagram pictures, you can reach customers near you and advertise your business. You can also include location-specific content and mention a nearby theme park. This way, you can build trust and relationships with potential customers. Besides, using geotags to promote your business is free! It’s time to give geotagging a try! Here are some examples of geotagging as a way to promote your Instagram following:

First, make sure you enable Location Services on your iPhone. Location Services are required by Instagram. By enabling Location Services, you can find the location of your photos and see what geotags they’ve received the most engagement. Once enabled, you can start adding geotags to your photos and videos. For iPhone users, you’ll need to find Instagram in the list of apps and turn on the feature. Make sure to set your location to “While Using the App” or “Allow GPS to track your location.”

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Another benefit of geotagging is that people can find your Instagram pictures near their locations by using location tags. They can even search for locations by location or type of food. This gives your followers an easy way to find you, and your photos will be more likely to get more engagement. Moreover, you’ll be able to easily locate your physical business. You can also use geotagging as a way to promote your Instagram following


A well-written CTA for promoting your Instagram following can boost your customer base. The problem is, not all CTAs are created equal. Smart marketers know how to optimize their Instagram CTAs for engagement, and this can lead to higher sales and website views. Here are a few best practices for creating a compelling CTA. Keep in mind that the more engaging your CTA, the more likely it is to be clicked by users.

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First, make sure your profile is set up as a business account. This gives you access to analytics and advanced features, such as hashtags. Choose a profile photo and cover photo that match your brand’s identity. Your bio should explain why you have created an Instagram account, what type of content you share, and include contact information. Make sure to include a phone number in your profile bio if you’re promoting a service or product.

Use bold and color to draw attention to your CTA. People love bright colors, so go bold with your choice. Don’t go overboard, either. Keep the color scheme consistent with your brand, and make sure your CTA is easy to read. Also, if possible, insert links to your website and make sure you respond quickly. Emojis also work well. Emojis like the star pointing up are a popular way to draw attention to your CTA.

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If you want to grow your Instagram following, you should use influencers. Influencers are an excellent way to advertise your brand. You should look for top-tier influencers with the right audience. They should be able to drive significant engagement for your brand. Before partnering with an influencer, make sure that you set clear goals and measure your success. For example, 79% of businesses measure sponsored posts by engagement rates.

If you’re looking for the best Instagram influencers, start by thinking about the kind of content you’ll post. While you’re choosing an influencer, it’s best to find one that specializes in your niche. Influencers can drive brand awareness and convert viewers into customers. Make sure that you choose influencers who are willing to share valuable content. You’ll want to make sure that they’ll be honest and transparent with their followers.

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Influencer marketing involves brands sending free products to popular influencers. These influencers use these products in giveaway contests. You can also take inspiration from what other brands are doing to build their followings. Alpro, for example, wanted to promote its yogurt alternatives. It partnered with popular model Kate Spiers. Spiers creates content that’s related to fashion, style, food, and lifestyle. She’s also been featured on several other brands’ sponsored posts.

Featured photos

If you want to get more followers, you should be making your pictures featured. You’re probably already aware of the benefits of featured photos. Almost half of all Instagram users want to see your pictures and they want to see them too. However, in order to get featured, you have to stay consistent with your style of photography. Below are some tips on how to make your pictures featured.

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One of the best ways to get featured is by following popular Instagram accounts. Follow popular accounts with similar subjects and photographic styles. They will be able to identify your photos as well. They will also be more likely to get featured if you follow their guidelines. They will scrutinize your posts every single day to see which ones are popular and which ones aren’t. After all, if your image has been featured on a popular account, it will have more exposure.

Another great way to get featured is to follow influencers on the platform. Look at their content and hashtags. You can try to use some of theirs. Just make sure to mention the user who created the photo. It will go a long way. Moreover, you can also tag the person in the post who posted it. This way, you will be tagged whenever a follower reposts the content on their profile.

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Paid promotion

A paid promotion for Instagram following can be very effective, especially when you’re just getting started. There are many options available, including sponsored posts and contests, but you should also consider organic promotion for maximum results. Posts with user-generated content tend to have a higher engagement rate, which is important for any social media campaign. It also helps you boost cost-per-click metrics. Just make sure that your content respects the intellectual property rights of others. For example, if you’re selling high-end clothing, you could use a post describing your sale in a subtle manner. Alternatively, you could use a long-form excerpt post, which consists of extracting key bullet points from your blog post and tagging it with the corresponding visual. Similarly, you could share content from other sources that’s relevant to your business. Make sure to tag the

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Another way to boost your Instagram following is to purchase in-stream video advertisements. They’re a great way to promote your business and brand. Instagram’s algorithm is quite complex and makes a paid promotion extremely effective. Paid promotion for Instagram follows can boost your content to the top of the feed by boosting your engagement rate and total visibility. While organic engagement is essential, paid promotion for Instagram following will boost your visibility. While organic engagement is important, paid promotion for Instagram following can help you achieve higher levels of engagement with your followers and build a loyal following.


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