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 October 6, 2022

Harp screens are known as piano wire screens, ideal for screening fines and rigid materials used in your mobile screening plant. This screen is perfect and still known as the most valuable and productive globally, and it solves more difficulties that do not even come to damp and sticky materials.


Harp screens screen 80% more than a similar aperture known as woven wire mesh, which results in tons per hour production. There is considered a highly usual material built on harp screens since no cross-wires are produced. Hence, no corners are left for fines to start piling up again. The radius of the wire is usually less than that of mesh wire which allows particles to take hold of smaller surface areas.

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If you are planning on screening challenging materials using woven mesh wire, you can experience or go through screen building and pegging all over again. This is to utilize a harp screen to get more valuable results while going with sticky and most aggregate materials. Unlike woven mesh, harp screens are imperturbable of individual tensioned wires that run in one direction, such as straight, hook to hook.


There are situations where harp screens do not work correctly, and it’s not necessary to get things on time, such as massive materials to take off while falling straight on the harps.

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The harp screens are fitted perfectly to ensure that it gets a long life from the screens


This means the tension bar must be in the hooks’ back tension, and the profiles must be correctly placed onto the stringers. It is essential to recheck the screen tension bar after every six to eight hours of use in the installation and make the necessary facilities required.


What is mesh wire in harp screens?


Wire mesh refers to a straightforward rendering of a usually 3D object. It does not shade the faces or apply shadows; it merely represents the surfaces as a grid of wire splines. This saves considerable computational resources. In many cases, the software may only have been developed to render 3D objects as only wire meshes to keep the complexity of more realistic rendering.

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  • Stainless steel woven mesh has high resistance to rusting and corrosion and is widely used across many industries.
  • Carbon steel woven and welded wire mesh is affordable, versatile, robust, and magnetic.
  • Copper mesh is ductile, malleable, durable, and has high thermal and electrical conductivity.

How will wire stretch in screens?


Within the first two weeks of usage, the majority of the screen’s tension bar changes are made. That makes the first move in how wires stretch in screens. As a result of building in construction and use, they lose their initial tensions. In accordance, their pressure is checked regularly more often.

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The hooks in production screens available in the market are Flomax harp screens, while the AEG offers harp screens and piano screens for power screens, Metso, and many more. Within the following mentioned parameters, AEG can produce and harp screen.


  • Carbon steel and stainless fewer wires their diameters ranging from 0.7mm to 2.5mm
  • The overall dimensions can be a mixture of 3300 mm in length and 1830 mm in breadth.
  • The hooks are adjustable.




This is all about harp screens, mesh wires, and piano wires. It is just a little bit of information we have shared with you. You can always feel free to contact us.

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