Get to know the different sizes of skid steer tires 

 October 6, 2022

Choosing the right skid steer sizes is crucial to optimize and apply in this industry according to their efficiency, power, and lifespan. However, if you aren’t familiar with the dimensions, hold on; by the end of the article, you might not have the same question.


We know which pneumatic or solid tire size to pick can be challenging. To help you in the right direction, we have put up the right skid steer tire together for this comprehensive guide.


Pneumatic skid steer tire size


Initially, skid steer only had pneumatic tires and no solid cushion. But as such, all skid steer tire sizes are based on three original sizes that are 10×16.5, 12 16.5 skid steer tires, and 14×17.5. Such measures depict the width of the tires and what type of rim they will fit on.

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The very most convenient and popular sizes are 10×16.5 and 12×16.5. The first number indicates how many inches wide the tire is turned to be, while the second number indicates how many inches the diameter composes to be. As a result, a tire with a size of 10×16.5 means that width of 10 inches and 16.5 meters of diameter a rim is a standard for smaller-sized skid steer.


To know about larger sizes, skid steer tires with a length of 12×16.5, where 12 defines 12 inches and 16.5 inches is a rim diameter range towards it. As such, more substantially sized tires are available and necessary.

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Importance of knowing how to determine the outer diameter


It is essential to note that the tire’s outside diameter is not measured. While following the pneumatic tire sizes, do not list the outer diameter of the tire; therefore, the most accurate and essential dimension to consider when picking up a tire that is the perfect size for your skid steer.

Picking up the tires with an outer diameter that is comparatively too small


If you plan to put tires on a skid steer with a small outer diameter, your skid steer grapple bucket or any other attachment will not level up. Because the tires generally are smaller, you will have to lift the arms of the skid steer to prevent the bottom of the bucket from touching the ground.

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Choosing tires with an outer diameter that is comparatively too large


Choosing your skid steer tires that are comparatively too large for your machine becomes a disadvantage. If you decide to put the tires on your skid steer that is too large, the bucket attachment will hover above the floor even with the support of the machine.


You can definitely dig or load material to get the bucket in touch with the floor. If you are doing this, you angle the floors and arms of the machine too much.


Flat-proof skid steer tire sizes are mentioned below


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Flat-proof skid steer sizes are different from pneumatic sizes.


For example, the equivalent of 10×16.5 pneumatic size is 30x10x16 or 30x10x20. The first number of the outer diameter is opposite in the pneumatic size, and the second number matches the first on the pneumatic tire, which is the tire’s width.


Last words


We hope at the end of the article, you have cleared all the doubts regarding the sizes and have to know when to choose the right one.



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