Here’s How To Decorate Your RV Like A Pro 

 February 21, 2022

Here’s How To Decorate Your RV Like A ProHere’s How To Decorate Your RV Like A Pro
Here’s How To Decorate Your RV Like A Pro


Road trips are always a delight, you get away from home and wander into the exhilaration of an adventure. Driving down the road with your loved ones, enjoying the scenic views from the windows, and having intimate talks, really makes the dream. 

Regardless if you’re thinking of renting or hoping to rent out your rv, you wouldn’t want to spend weeks surrounded by dull-colored decorations –– that’s far from ideal! It’s important that you create a place that you’re satisfied with and can rejuvenate you after a long day outside. In this guide, we will suggest fabulous and affordable ideas for you to decorate your RV. Regardless of whether you prefer something easy and quick, or a complete overhaul, you’re guaranteed to find something you need.

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To start, you should pick an aesthetic that you would like to have in your RV. Having a theme in mind allows you to plan the items and decorations you’d need to get, thus making the whole process easier and faster. Because an RV is usually small, having a cohesive theme throughout the space would be easier to achieve. 

Plus, an aesthetic RV interior would spice up your Instagram feed, wouldn’t it? Some aesthetics you may consider are nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Urban Modern, Retro-futuristic, Mid-century Modern, and more.


For those who prefer sprucing the RV up with a quick and easy tip, consider changing up the colors of your current decorations. Instead of painting the walls over completely, you can use graphic posters that match your aesthetic to illuminate the colors that you want. Additionally, instead of changing the furniture, you can throw in blankets, pillows, bedsheets, or rugs that match your aesthetic and can also change the whole outlook of your RV!

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Decorating Your Walls

Overhauling the entire wall of the RV is a chore, on top of that, it’s guaranteed to cost a bomb. Don’t worry, you can put up wall decors as a cheaper and easier alternative! 


For the people going for the adventurous aesthetic, maps will be a perfect decor! Not only will it showcase your love for travel and adventure, but it will also function as your literal map! On top of that, you can also add functional notes and checklists to the decor in a national treasure hunter way. 

Flower Wall

This is the perfect decor for people going for the nautical or cottage core aesthetic. Not only does it make your RV look beautiful and dainty, but it is also perfect for couples looking to make their RV a romantic getaway.

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Photos and Posters

Another great way to add a personal touch would be hanging up photos and posters of your favorite things -– be it a photo with your loved ones, your hometown, a family pet, and more. One great way is to add popular vintage band posters, movies, or brands to give it a stylish flair –– you could make your RV look like the motorhome of an underground band! Otherwise, we recommend decorating it with your favorite landmarks and sights, to remind you of the good memories you’ve had. 

Wall Decals

Sometimes, a blank RV wall can be a good space to exercise your creativity. Having wall stickers allows you to fill up space with vibrant colors and typography, but without the hassle, as these stickers are easy to clean. These stickers can be informational, silly, sarcastic, or even sentimental –– anything that floats your boat! 

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For travelers who’ve been around the world, you can use those souvenirs that you’ve been keeping to decorate your RV. Showcasing all the different souvenirs you’ve collected can be a miniature homage to all the fun adventures you’ve been on! 

If possible, you can hang a magnetic board in your RV and showcase your magnetic souvenirs. Because these decors are magnetic, you can remove and reuse them for different RVs or even when you want to change interior themes.

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Bathroom Decorations

If you’re thinking of changing up your RV, don’t forget to update your bathroom as well. It might be one of the easiest yet most noticeable changes you can make in your RV. For instance, getting a shower curtain and rug of your preferred aesthetic would do just fine. Even functional tools like your toothbrush holder, toothbrush, soap dispenser, and towels can be used as decors when displayed. See, you don’t need to spend much or do much to spice up your bathroom!

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Bedroom Decorations

Of course, you can’t leave out the one place that’s your haven. Naturally, you’re going to spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so you don’t want it to be dull, unappealing, and dreary! Instead, here are several easy yet efficient ways that you can spruce up your RV bedroom. 

Most RV beds don’t come with headboards, so one of our favorite ways is to add a faux headboard to the bed. There are four main types: a lattice, placemat, tapestry, and fabric headboard. For a comfortable, personal touch, you might want to try bringing in a fabric or tapestry headboard; however, if you prefer a more stylish and modern look, try bringing in a placemat or lattice headboard. Whichever fits the theme you’re going for should be the one you want to get!

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Good lighting will make or break the aesthetic of your RV, especially after the sun sets and you see the interior of your RV come to life! However, stock RV lights can be pretty mundane and plain. Though we don’t have to replace all the lights in the RV itself, we can add several decorative lights to liven things up a little.

Some of our popular choices are to add rope lights, battery candles, and fairy lights. For instance, fairy and rope lights add a magical twinkle to a place that gives a dainty, beautiful glow to the room, whilst battery candles give a warm and classic glow to the RV without the danger of actual fire.

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Changing Up The Furniture

As much as you rather not put in so much effort and spend so much money to decorate your RV, sometimes it is necessary to do so. Especially when your RV is getting old, you might want to consider setting time aside to paint your RV’s walls or change up any rundown furniture.

Furniture is relatively easy to remove, as it only needs several basic tools. You can purchase affordable and stylish furniture from IKEA, Home Reserve, and Flexsteel. Painting, however, can be tricky. The walls in travel trailers can be bumpy, which means that you’ll need to sand your RV no matter what paint you choose to use. After sanding, coat the walls with one to two coats of primer before applying your paint. This can take a while, so be prepared for some work!

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All in all, decorating your RV would make the whole trip more enjoyable, aesthetic, and more Instagramable! However, as much as the beauty of it comes after you finish decorating your RV, the process of decorating it can be extremely therapeutic as well. 

When you’re done with the decor, that road trip will feel particularly rewarding as you now have more ownership of your family and your enjoyment. So as much as decorating seems like a hassle, you might want to reconsider it!

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