How can you revamp your logo to increase its impact in 2022 

 June 27, 2022

The pace of time never stops. Everything changes, and the fashion and appearance of logos as well. If your logo’s style is outdated, it’s the right time to refresh and redesign it.

There are many benefits of redesigning your brand. This way you will be able to attract new customers. Increase your sales and get to the next level, getting even more attention.

In the same way it’s possible that you’ll put off rebranding for a lengthy period of time. If this happens an outdated logo could be your main issue. It can result in low sales, and even result in bankruptcy, and make the business not expand.

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In this post, you’ll find out the reasons you need to rebrand. Rebranding by 2022 as well as the design of your logo suggestions. Also, you will learn about rebranding stories as well as examples of well-known brands.

Motives to rebrand

It is a time when businessmen don’t even realize that their logos have been out of fashion. It’s the right time to refresh it.


Perhaps you’ve seen many logos for companies, which are very well-known brands, with simple a slogan in beautiful font. Brands often rebrand logos. Because the significance and popularity of fonts are quickly lost and disappears.

Most brands don’t alter their logos in a complete manner. The thickness of the font colors and style changes. For instance, we could list such companies as Zara, Fanta, Amazon, Subway.

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It is essential to take care to choose fonts, what’s important today may look silly.

Here are a few examples of fonts not appropriate for logos.

  • Inaccessible and unclear fonts.
  • Fonts that don’t work on a variety of platforms.
  • Unfortunate and angular fonts (it is recommended to select fonts with more round edges)
  • Contours around the letters (this helps make the design appear heavier)

Rebranding can be beneficial, but it’s not necessary to completely alter the logo. It is enough and you can to slightly increase the length of the logo or slightly round the font.

Too much detail

Sometimes, designers are too generous by adding specifics. They include unnecessary details, which makes the logo appear too large. When a logo is too large it can be hard for the user to concentrate only on one aspect. So, the consumer won’t be able to be able to remember the logo. For instance, if you examine the previous McDonalds logo and then compare it to an updated version. It is evident that the logo is more minimalist and clear. It is now a popular logo

  1. Simple and flexible logo.
  2. The logo should not contain any more than 3 colors.
  3. Translucent out.
  4. Logos in flat and matt.
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The presence of logos with graphics

Today, many businesses are refusing to use graphics in logos. This is because it is no longer required. Trends are shifting towards flatter and less cluttered logos.

Too many colors

Monotony is trendy right at the moment. A lot of popular brands choose to utilize just one or two colors In rare instances, they employ three colors. However, this is an absolute maximum. Make use of combinations of colors that will be remembered by customers.


In designing logos, you must be aware of not only your color scheme and font, but also the layout, their shapes and sizes, but also the animation and graphics. Also, the purpose and purpose of the logo. For instance, let’s consider an example of a coffee shop which had an image of a cup of tea on the logo. Each glass is now coffee on the go is extremely well-known.

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Logo adaptation

It’s a huge trend to advertise your company via social media. Make sure to reduce and increase the size of your logo, paying particular attention to the quality of your content.

The logo is identical to other logos

There are instances where you create the same logo and you don’t know that it is. For instance, you could refer to those of the GUCCI as well as CHANEL brands. Therefore, the table must be considered and keep track of competitors to ensure there aren’t any cases like this.

When you are considering rebranding, it is important to first research trends. Learn about the styles that are in fashion. Here are some new ideas that can help you with making a brand new logo.

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The demand for 3D gradients is increasing every day. This technique will transform the most basic logo into a sophisticated and thoughtful design. Because of this design it is possible to give the reins to your imagination to experiment with colors. While doing so, you can create an appealing composition.


Nowadays, many businesses prefer minimalistic design. This type of design will last for quite a while. The font is only used in the logoand as a background. They use only a few other elements. In this way you will have a good performance if you select best colors and typeface.

Brush stroke

The style is adored by many. It’s like a real handwritten logo. The brush stroke is placed against the background and the name of the brand is already written in a gorgeous font. Gentle and soft tones are commonly employed. This kind of design will be popular for quite a while.

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The fusion of several letters

If you are looking to make your logo unique and distinctive. This method is recommended. Merging letters from different letters is odd. You can apply this merging in the initial letters, or even in the middle or perhaps in the final. It’s up to you.

You must find that optimal balance between design and color scheme to have a successful logo that will, in turn, create positive feelings and impressions from your customers.

Simple logos

This fashion has been popular for over an entire year. This style will be in fashion for more than twelve years. The logo must be easy to recognize and simple. That’s the goal of this design.

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A little blurred logo

This year designers are more focused on the style rather than the accessibility of the logo. However, if you don’t love this design, you should choose not to use it. The eyes can be very straining by such blur.

The destruction of letters and parts

The emptyness in certain sections of the letters are now important. However, you shouldn’t take this too far. If you are too active it will affect the clarity of the text. Therefore, the customers won’t know what’s said on the logo.

Stretched letters

Another method to alter logos is to distort them. You can extend the letters of the logo. While doing this you can leave the other letters in their regular size. This will appear beautiful and unique.

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The latest trends in design must be considered however, you shouldn’t immediately apply everything to one logo. Avoid creating a mess. Rebranding can be performed frequently, changing the logo slowly and determine what you like the most. The logo should reflect your business’s identity as well as the purpose and message the brand has. Find inspiration from fashions and designs and make your own unique masterpieces.

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