How do you make an effective logo for a presentation? 

 June 20, 2022

If you’re an experienced graphic designer or beginner making use of Turbologo Logo design assignments can evoke mixed emotions. On the other hand, the notion of graphic designers accepting logo orders of $50> is still prevalent within the design world. There is certainly an abundance of such orders. They are usually caused by… an absence of knowledge of what an identity is. It appears that making an uncomplicated sign>> or a graphics-based letteringtakes a little time, and therefore isn’t valued at all.

Customers who haven’t had any involvement in designing and constructing signs, fail to think about the process of creation – because the design as well as the graphic element need to be created from scratch. It should, in the ideal case, reflect the client’s business as well as be unimportant, it should be distinctive and communicate the values that are essential to the business.

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In contrast the logo is an identifiable symbol, which is the first message a customer receives as a fundamental aspect of a branding. If a client is aware of its significance for the image of the business and image, will never overlook an essential element. The creation of a logo is an exciting challenge, but simultaneously it is a responsibility.

It’s possible to say”well, at best the client won’t like the logo and that’s that. In addition to the fact that this method is not honest It also doesn’t mean that someone will be able to pay for your time and the work you’ve done You don’t make work for the sake of it.

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There’s also the possibility that you’ve have put a lot of energy in creating a logo, create a dazzling project and the design is flawless, but the customer… decides to reject the project. The problem isn’t always in the design, but sometimes clients’ decisions are affected by the way you present the logo them. If you’re looking to be a professional graphic designer , and be a freelancer and design a logo, the presentation might seem not as important for you. But it’s still important to be aware of!

How do you show a logo to clients so that it isn’t rejected?

The presentation was given by Herdetya Prambodo

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Did you ever give your client a pdf featuring your brand’s image in color and contrast, along with a brief description? The issue with this method of presentation is that it leaves an amount of doubt for the client. If the logo fails to produce a WOW effect>, and there is a hesitation that the client isn’t convinced and consequently could reject the design.

The designer who is who is working on a logo has an idea, vision, and concept of how the logo should appear in the world and what it should convey and the audience it will touch. However, clients do not read their minds, so your job is to anticipate queries and clear doubts. What are the best ways to accomplish this?

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Then back to the short

When you are beginning to create the presentation to promote your logo begin with the short. Remember it from the very beginning. It is likely that the customer doesn’t remember the particular contents. This will help you remember the method you used and help you to explain how the logo is a part of it. You could also incorporate an image of a mood board within the presentation to help you remember what feelings and emotions you want the logo to create.


A logo isn’t created in isolation and in complete seclusion from the competition, market and the public. Inform clients about the concept and the method you came up with the concept.

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Logo in color

There’s nothing other than that. There will be room for more detailed descriptions of colors in various designs later on; there’s no need for explanations for this particular color is orange. Let the logo allow for some breathing room.


This is an important aspect in the design. The client will naturally be worried about how your logo appears on various items, both on the internet and printed in public areas as well as on promotional items. Display all of this to the customer. Bet on the context, and on mock-ups that mimic real-life situations:

  • magazine covers;
  • Office supplies;
  • client’s products;
  • business cards;
  • social media;
  • outdoor advertising.
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A logo could appear in any place. Don’t rely on your client to come up with the idea by themselves – your task is to connect the dots between the logo that appears on the background white of your software and the way it will be viewed by the company of your client.

Color palette

Now comes the technical information: color palettes and fonts that you’ll need, along with an explanation of the reasons the reason you would recommend this particular mix.

Alternative versions

What would the logo appear like in the opposite version? Do you think it is acceptable to alter the logo that is made up of multiple elements when it must be displayed, for instance in a tiny space? If you’ve created alternative designs for the logo or the logo is enhanced with patterns, textures and so on. It is worthwhile to discuss these.

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Excellent impression at the conclusion

Don’t forget to slide the final slides of your presentation time to show that logo color. Allow the client to take a look and remember it. Also, be sure to appreciate the quality of the work and be accustomed to the notion that this logo will distinguish and differentiate your business from your competitors.

To end

A majority of your clients aren’t graphic designers, and might not even have a clue of how you operate and The colors or fonts and designs you select aren’t an accident or randomness, but rather a deliberate choice to communicate a particular message.

When you show the logo to a potential client is a good idea to show the client all of this. Of course, you could declare that a well-designed design will defend itself however, very only a few people are able to actually see the logo in a live space, on objects as well as in promotional materials. Making explanations and mock-ups of the design are a way to show respect to the client, and at the same time, a factor that will determine what the final product will be considered.

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