April 3, 2022


When you are at the workplace or somewhere doing business and work, one of the main things you will encounter is making or negotiating with someone. The critical thing you need to do is to make the negotiation successful. Sometimes, you never notice that you are already negotiating with someone, but probably you are already. According to CMA Consulting, here are the things you need to know and consider if you want to improve your negotiation skills in the workplace:

  1. BOUNDARIES- make sure that you set boundaries in every negotiation you will do. Not just because you need to win and be successful in that negotiation, you will do everything even though it’s not worth it. Some negotiators will listen to you but already have the mindset not to accept what’s your offer. There is a negotiator who looks down on you, says negative words even though you did not deserve those, and there is a negotiator who does not know how to give respect. That is why you need to set boundaries and know your worth. If they did not accept the first plan you offer, offer the spare or another plan that you ready, and if they still don’t accept that, it’s time for you to abort your mission and do not go with that negotiation.
  2. BE PREPARE – Make sure that when you enter into a negotiation, you are always prepared, and you always have a plan with you. Do not come to a negotiation empty-handed and empty mind. Better to face your negotiator full of knowledge, and you already know what you are going to present, tell, and show. If you let them feel that you already know everything that is going on, that is a hands-up for them that you are professional in what you are doing, and they will be interested in you. That is why make sure that you always prepare before you come to a negotiation and always research what will happen.
  3. ASK AND ACCEPT – When you are negotiating, make sure that you know how to ask and you know how to accept things without hurting. Ask for what? When you are already done with what you are saying or presenting, do not forget to ask them if there are things they want to know, want to clear, or there are things they disagree with so that you can change that right away. Accept what they are going to say, do not be hurt because negotiation comes with the decision of both sides and not only you. If they do not agree with something, make sure that you accept that and tell them that you will make it to something they will agree on because when you are the one that will not agree with what they are presenting, they will also accept what you want to change until it satisfy both sides, that is why don’t forget to ask, answer and accept what will be the outcome.
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CMA Consulting offers advanced negotiation skills training that can help you make improvements.

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