Know the Difference Between KOL and Influencer Marketing 

 February 21, 2022

Know the Difference Between KOL and Influencer MarketingKnow the Difference Between KOL and Influencer Marketing

Two powerful types of marketing are being seen more and more often. They’ve been with us for ages, but with the growth of YouTube and the ability to reach people directly through the internet, they’re enjoying new popularity with advertisers.  

They are influencer marketing and key opinion leader (KOL) marketing. And making the right choice of which type of marketing and which individual is right for your brand may be the key to a successful and rewarding campaign. 

In the early days of marketing and advertising, the power of a well-known and admired face singing the praises of your product was seen as a winning marketing strategy. Movie stars and sports heroes were generally the most requested spokespeople, though they often didn’t have much in common with the products they were selling. 

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But it didn’t matter, as the products were generally household goods that anyone could enjoy. The main selling point was that an actual celebrity used them, so they must be good. It was a sales-by-association marketing approach.

KOL Marketing for Specific Products

Many marketers watched the success of this early influencer marketing and wisely adapted it for more niche and specialised products. You might have a famous race car driver talking about the virtues of certain tyres, or a famous chef praising a brand of cake mix. 

As digital marketing emerged and offered more of a data-driven approach to selling products and services, many advertisers became more selective in the personalities that became associated with their products. This served to define their products’ reputation and better target the intended audience. And this is where KOL marketing made a significant difference for a lot of companies. 

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Paying big money to a well-known financial expert to talk favourably about a certain bank could be well worth the expense. They would become the spokesperson and well-regarded public ‘face’ for the bank. And they were often signed to long-term contracts when their initial reception was favourable. 

Quantity Over Quality

On the other side of the coin, hiring a known expert in a specialised field makes no sense when they’re asked to sell a soft drink or a brand of jeans, especially in the social media and word-of-mouth-driven world of today.

The main selection criteria for an advertiser are the number of followers a celebrity has and the age group and other demographic factors of most of their fans. 

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Their stability and reliability are also is a factor. Most popular influencers are young, and they often fall into their position mainly by luck. A brand takes a risk on hiring these people that isn’t a factor when they hire KOLs. 

But by choosing the right influencer, the payoff can be huge and transform a small brand into a globally-recognised name. To learn more about these types of marketing strategies, please contact Primal. We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency in Bangkok with an enviable track record in both KOL and influencer marketing. We’d be happy to schedule a consultation with your brand. 

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