Since When Should You Start Using Dentures? 

 April 25, 2022


Traditional false teeth were made of wood and were not as functional as the dentures. However, the advancement in dental technology has led to more comfortable, attractive, and efficient dentures. The Willunga Dentist suggests that dentures can be worn as early as 40.

There can be many questions in your mind about dentures. For example, you may think about when you should start wearing it and what can be the ideal age for using it. In this post, we will try to clear your doubts about dentures.

When are dentures important?

Dental appliances are often used only when patients suffer tooth loss and need a replacement. But this cannot be the only reason for using dentures. Here are some of the other reasons for which dentures can be used. 

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Loss of Teeth: When you experience loss of teeth, the structure of your oral bones starts perishing. The use of dentures can decrease the rate at which the teeth start disintegrating.

Prevent Facial Muscles from Sagging: The teeth hold your facial muscles behind your cheeks. But with age, the muscles can get sagged, and your face may give a shallow look. To maintain healthy skin and tight facial muscles, dentures can be used.

Eat and Speak Better: When you possess the entire set of teeth in your mouth, the hissing sounds with the letters ‘s,’ and ‘c’ can be done properly. Other words and sounds may also require a set of teeth even for balancing with the tongue in the right way. 

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Pronunciations can be affected when you are missing some number of teeth. If you are tearing and chewing your food, you need a full set of teeth for grinding. When you are losing a significant number of teeth, you can think of wearing dentures for speaking and eating better. The Christies Beach dental chamber can offer good suggestions so you can finalize when you can start using dentures.

For Your Smile: A healthy smile can provide you with confidence while in the midst of other people in society. Dentures can help restore your smile and avoid all the awkwardness in front of others. You may consider using dentures when you have gaps between your teeth that make you conscious while you smile. The dentures can provide a natural-looking smile as they are made of plastic or porcelain materials. The dentures not only work inside your mouth, but they can also work a lot on your self-image, which builds confidence in you.

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You may get your first dentures at the age of 40 when you feel that you have started to lose your teeth. The Willunga Dentist suggests that you can think of using dentures when you want to smile more confidently. Also, if you’re going to pronounce well without getting stuck and want to enjoy your meal by properly chewing your grinding, it is time you start using the dentures.

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