What To Do In Case Of A Will Dispute? 

 April 26, 2022


Will disputes are very common all across the globe. In Australia as well, disputes happen frequently. Some will dispute are more common than others. That being said, if you have a will dispute, the first thing you might be thinking about would be: 

“What to do about a will dispute?” 

Will disputes are common and there’s nothing to worry about them. All you need is reliable, reputed, and experienced will dispute lawyers Melbourne to handle all the legal proceedings on your behalf. That would be all you need to do and these professionals will handle the rest on your behalf. 

In this blog, we have discussed everything important you need to know about will disputes which will help you make wise decisions when dealing with one. Simply keep reading. 

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The Most Common Will Dispute Cases 

Firstly, let us take a look at the common types of will disputes seen in Australia. These five types of will disputes are pretty common all across the country. 

Will disputes involving distribution delays by the executor

A common and very frustrating instance of will dispute is when you are the beneficiary and the executor of the will is delaying the distribution of benefits. Executors need to apply for a Grant of Probate from the law.

While there is no set time limit for an executor to take action, it is accepted that an executor must apply for probate within a year from the day of the deceased’s death. When an executor delays this, the beneficiary can apply to the Court to set a deadline. 

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Property Disagreement in the Estates 

One of the most common will disputes is a disagreement about the property in the estates. This generally happens among the beneficiaries who are family members of the deceased, in most cases. 

Will Not Followed By Executor 

Another instance of will dispute is when the will is not followed by the executor. Any suspicious or unauthorized transfer of assets is often seen as a sign of violation of the will. 

Undue influence by one or more beneficiaries 

There can also be cases where beneficiaries may bring accusations against other beneficiaries that they are laying undue influence on the executor or the execution process. 

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Will Not Deemed Legal

This is another will dispute issue caused by a variety of reasons like will not be properly prepared, undue influence by a third party, etc. 

What To Do In Case Of A Will Dispute? 

Will disputes essentially need the experience and expertise of professional and reliable will dispute lawyers in Melbourne. Legal knowledge and expertise are the keys and these professionals know exactly what you must do in case of will disputes. From legal proceedings to your next step, specialist lawyers can help you resolve the issues and expedite the execution of a will. 

All you need to do is simply consult with reliable and experienced lawyers who specialize in will disputes. Haven Legal can be your go-to name if you need any assistance with will disputes. They can offer the best possible legal assistance based on the nature of the case and your needs. 

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