What’s The Best Way To Polish Floors At A Budget? 

 April 26, 2022


What do you notice first during a home visit to your acquaintances? That’s right, it is the floor. Floors can enhance or depreciate the value of your home because of their eye-catching power. If you do want to make your property listed as among the best, selection of a good flooring material becomes your first step. The task doesn’t end here, you have to maintain the spark of your floors by polishing them regularly. Polished floors have the hidden ability to make your house interior appear illuminated through the reflection of incoming sun rays.

Floor polishing in Adelaide can be done in the following way:

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Select The Polish For Your Floor

You can have a glossy, satin, or matte finish for your floor polishing in Adelaide. Here are your polish options:

Solvent Based Polyurethane

  • It prevents the floor from scratches and getting dirty due to spills.
  • Once used, you are free to schedule your next polish day after fifteen years.
  • Gives a glossy look to your floor.

Water-Based Polyurethane

  • Is Eco-friendly.
  • You will require its usage again only after eight years.

Oil-Based Varnishes

  • It is used for wooden floors.
  • They are usually glossy but are capable of giving a matte finish too.
  • Lasts for three years.

Beeswax Polish

  • It requires it to be used once every five years.
  • It is used to give a natural shine to the floor.
  • It is not resistant to floor dents.
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Preparing The Room For Applying Polish

  • Remove all the furniture and mats placed in the room to have space available.
  • You need to clean the whole floor to eliminate the presence of flying dust and dirt.
  • Stuck dirt can be eroded by applying a homemade mixture of white vinegar and water onto the floor. Half a cup of vinegar per four liters of water does the trick.

Plan On Your Movement Of  Sweeping the Floor Beforehand 

  • Do a mock cleaning session using only your mop and no other materials.
  • Start moving with the mop held in the cleaning position, from one corner of the room to the exit.
  • Rotate the mop in circles while covering the entire room.
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Applying Polish

  • Keep rotating the mop in the same place until all the air bubbles on the floor have disappeared.
  • Take small sections of a floor at a time to give the best results.
  • Apply thin layers of polish as they are most suitable.
  • You can once again polish the entire floor for a better finish.

Prevent Intrusion In The Room

  • Wait for an hour before allowing people to step into the room.
  • Wait for twenty-four hours before shifting your furniture back into the room.


Distinctive Timber Floors are present for alleviating all your construction and renovation worries related to timber. Proper polishing of your floors is done by them too. The usage of only the essential products for polishing your floor and the easy methodology of it all gives you polished floors within your budget. The skilled workforce prevents extra spillage of polish onto your floor which becomes difficult to achieve if you are left on your own. Consult an expert in polishing your floor according to your luster preference. They will guide you the best. Just sit back and relax as the professionals arrive on the scene!

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