What’s the meaning of CCFC in Cheer as season 2 premieres on Netflix? 

 December 31, 2020

We’re ecstatic to welcome Trinity Valley Community College’s (TVCC) team into Season 2 of Netflix’s Cheer. It’s not that we don’t adore Navarro, but it’s always nice to have new opponents in the mix.

We’ve noticed that the letters CCFC are being yelled seemingly at random with this new squad. What does CCFC stand for in Cheer? Are they a member of a super-fun cult?

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What’s the meaning of CFCC?

CFCC is a community college in North Carolina, similar to TVCC, which stands for Trinity Valley Community College. The Sea Devils are the CFCC cheer team and they’re part of the Mid East division of the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) Region 10.

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They’re in the junior college category, but they didn’t place among the top twenty at NCA College Nationals 2021, as per Cheer Theory.

What does “CCFC” mean in ‘Cheer’?

Cheerleading is not a cult, but it is a family, and nothing can bring a family together than shared experiences. TVCC’s CCFC acronym stands for a secret phrase that only its cheerleaders are aware of.

It’s similar to how the Freemasons have a secret sign, or how passwords were required to enter speakeasies in the past. This is an intense sport that may be quite intimidating; yet , it’s also a fun club with which you may now identify. Just kidding again; they wear uniforms every day.

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Who won Dayton 2021?

Navarro did not win the NCA & NDA College National Championship in Season 1. They came second behind Trinity, who won the Advanced Large Coed Junior College Finals with Varsity TV, placing second.

Navarro’s fortunes were on the rise in the prelims, as they defeated Trinity with a 98.3333 score, while TVCC scored 97.7667. In the finals, TVCC prevailed with a 98.9667 tally, whereas Navarro won with a 98.7333 score.

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“Season 2 isn’t hitting the spot like season 1”, says fans

Viewers are ecstatic that the athletic youngsters have reemerged on their screens, but there have been some negative reactions to season 2 since it was binge-watched.

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Some fans are faithful, while others believe that the series should have focused solely on Navarro rather than Trinity.

It would have been an ideal scenario for the program to go into greater depth about their training and behind-the-scenes friction, allowing the world to fully appreciate the game.

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