Why Do Casinos need to Get Curacao Licenses? 

 April 15, 2022

Why Do Casinos need to Get Curacao LicensesWhy Do Casinos need to Get Curacao Licenses

Several prominent online casinos are in operation under the Curacao gaming license. The online gambling industry is a constantly growing and changing industry worth more than a billion dollars. As the industry involves a huge amount of cash being deposited by players worldwide, there is a requirement to fulfil moral obligations. To fulfil moral obligations, legal licensing was instituted. Each online gambling company must obtain an online gambling license from the appropriate regulator within a specific region. The different regulatory bodies ensure that online gambling sites and operators comply with the legal guidelines. They ensure that all participants are protected by personal data as well as financial security when using any Curacao-licensed site.

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What is the Gaming License?

The gaming (gambling/betting) licence is an official document that grants its owner the right to conduct certain or all types of online gambling within the jurisdiction. Every gaming license is issued to the holder through a licensed reseller business or regulator, the state authority, or a gambling commission. Curacao is one of the most reputable regulators and issuers of licensesfor gambling online.

Why Do People Choose Curacao Licenses?

The acquisition of the Curacao license offers some benefits and advantages related to the running of the gambling business and includes corporate and fiscal incentives. Many independent online casinos on NonGamStopBets already picked it for the advantages it offers:

  • Fast And Efficient Operation and Cost-Effectiveness
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The procedure for obtaining a Curacao license is one of the shortest jurisdictions. The applicant must submit all necessary documents on time to ensure smooth functioning. The process of assembling the documents can be completed within a short amount of time. This is one of the major reasons why entrepreneurs are drawn to this. The price of setting up and maintenance is low and is accessible to everyone with budget alternatives.

  • Simple And Hassle-Free

The application process for any gambling license is often lengthy and overwhelming. But Curacao registration is simpler due to the smallest number of formalities. It is still one of the simplest and most efficient methods to obtain a gambling license. It also gives entrepreneurs excellent opportunities to outline their ideas prior to entering an even more challenging licensing jurisdiction.

  • Excellent Idea for Startups
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For those who are just starting out, Curacao is the best choice as it allows them to try out the idea and establish a base of customers. It also aids in the growth of the whole and encourages diversification into markets, games and other areas with no risk of financial drain. The licensing authority offers the flexibility to develop, explore and experiment without huge capital investment for Aussie players. When a business is running smoothly, there’s always room to grow the company.

  • One License Covers All Aspects

Certain jurisdictions provide different types of licenses or permits based on the kind of games that casinos wish to provide to their gamblers. The Curacao gaming license is a comprehensive one that covers the entirety of gaming activities, including gaming companies as well as software developers and games like sports betting, scratch cards, poker, online casinos, eSports, etc., all in one location. It is cost-effective and very convenient.

  • Zero Taxes
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Contrary to UKGC license fees, the operators who hold this license are exempt from additional taxation on their income. All income must be earned outside of the country to benefit from tax incentives.


Curacao gambling websites are increasing in popularity day by day due to their fast and practical solutions for new businesses and international law bases. The company could transfer to a different licensing authority after reaching a specific profit target. If that happens, Curacao authorities will help them move to another suitable Licensing commission. So, opting for this jurisdiction is highly advised to save money since any business is likely to be risky.

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