Why Do Writers Prefer Scriveners 3 to Other Writing Apps? 

 November 16, 2021

Why Do Writers Prefer Scriveners 3 to Other Writing Apps?Why Do Writers Prefer Scriveners 3 to Other Writing Apps?
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Traditionally, platforms like MS Word and Google Docs are used to write basic level write-ups. But they have limited features that can be provoking when you are on long-term or high-level projects.

That is why writers nowadays prefer Scrivener over other writing apps to write with more convenience.

The app is designed to develop, draft, and revise significant projects with much accuracy and ease. Scrivener blends the traditional features of MS Word with some advanced tools like file/folder organization, research and reference tools, and other features. These features simplify your writing work to a considerable extent.

Let’s see some of its intriguing features. However, to get a fair idea of this software you should read this Scrivener 3 review.

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Organize your files and folders in one project

One of the features that every writer wishes to have is to create and manage files and folders within one project. Scrivener 3 lets you do this with its binder feature that can be accessed through its easy-to-navigate sidebar. This feature saves you from struggling between dozens of files to find that one file and makes management more accessible than ever.

Customizable toolbar

Besides the fact that Scrivener has many unique tools like targets, collections, project bookmarks, and keywords, you can even manage them on your toolbar. It makes it easy for you to access your favorite tools with ease. 

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Project and document targets

You can use this feature to set deadlines and target desired word count to set your goals. You can also get hold of a visual progress bar to keep track of your progress and activate push notifications to get notified from time to time.

Split the editor and copyholder

This feature lets you view multiple files while working on one file. You don’t have to switch between notes or drafts, and you can write with ease.

Import research files

If you are working on a project requiring lots of research, you can easily import references in different formats and organize them on the screen.

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Attach comments, summary, or notes

You can use Scrivener’s inspector sidebar tool to add synopsis, messages, or comments on some selected lines so that you never lose a critical thought or some details related to that particular group of texts.

Organize and identify files with more convenience than ever

Scrivener’s corkboard and outliner modes allow you to visually access and organize your documents, create your project keywords, and mark your files with essential labels and status. The feature does a great job of navigating quickly when you are working on a lengthy project.

Export your file as your preferred format

From .mobi, .epub, ebook files, and paperback proofs to Microsoft word document and many others, you can format your file in various forms before exporting.

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Revert conveniently

With Scrivener, you can use the snapshot feature to capture a part of your work if you want to refer to it while writing. It saves you from switching between two or more files at a time.

These are some of the major features that most writers wish to have to write more conveniently, but they don’t end here. Scrivener 3 offers many such features that focus utterly on delivering the best writing experience to you.


The benefits one gets from something are the core reason why they use it. The same goes with Scrivener. It offers so many fantastic features that every writer would want. Most writers who have used both traditional apps and Scrivener 3 admit that they get better writing experience on Scrivener. And this is the reason why they prefer Scrivener 3 over the other writing platforms.

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