Why is Photo Booth Rental Service Gaining More Popularity Than Traditional Photography? 

 September 25, 2021

Why is Photo Booth Rental Service Gaining More Popularity Than Traditional Photography?Why is Photo Booth Rental Service Gaining More Popularity Than Traditional Photography?

If you’ve been to a major event or party in the past few years, you’ve probably seen a selfie photo booth. If you haven’t, you’ve definitely seen photos from selfie booths all over Instagram (yes, like the ones the Kardashian use). The truth is, photo booths are becoming a much more modern and popular option compared to the tradition of hiring a photographer for your event. They’re more fun and interactive and also more affordable. They’re easy to use, too. Your photo booth service will simply deliver the photobooth rental to your event space, and you can start using them from there with little to no setup involved.

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If you’d like to learn more about renting a photo booth for your next event, which photo booth to rent, and some tips on using the photo booth at your event, keep reading!

Drawbacks of Hiring a Traditional Photographer

Traditionally, event planners and hosters hire a traditional photographer to come and take pictures at events. Hiring traditional photographers is great to get professional-looking photos of your event; however, a great photographer can be hard to find, and the cost of hiring a photographer can be steep.

Let’s face it, traditional photographers may be great for a wedding ceremony or a graduation, but other options, like renting a photo booth, are better for parties because they allow guests to hang out with each other and take silly photos. 

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Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth

These days, photobooth rental in place of a photographer is becoming a very common practice. If you’ve been to a wedding reception or large party recently, you’ve probably used a photo booth at one of these events. There’s a reason for that–they’re fun!

Photo booths are one of the most exciting things you can have at your event. Guests are naturally drawn to photo booths because they’re so fun to use. Many people shy away from getting their photos taken by a photographer, but photo booths allow your guests to be comfortable enough to take some really great photo booths.

Plus, they’re much more affordable than any photographer you can hire, and renting one is essentially free of hassle. All you have to do is find where to rent one, and the company will transport the photo booth to your event.


What Kind of Photo Booth Should I Get For My Event?

As the photo booth market grows, there are more and more options to choose from. Traditionally, you may see a large, clunky photo booth, but these are getting outdated because they’re hard to transport and have technical issues.

This is the reason selfie booths are gaining so much trendy traction recently, so we really recommend renting one to get the most out of a photo booth for your event.

What is a Selfie Mirror Booth?

A selfie mirror booth is a compact and modern photo booth with a full selfie screen so guests can see themselves as if in a mirror while they take photos. The design is sleek, modern, and easy to use. The selfie mirror booths will both print physical photos as well as create an online digital album uploaded to the internet. Selfie mirror booths also offer super special features like face-smoothing filters and customized digital borders.

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Selfie Mirror Booth vs. Traditional Photo Booth

Selfie mirror booths are super trendy because they’re so fun and easy to use compared to a traditional photo booth. Traditional photo booths print out your pictures, but there’s no digital copy. With a selfie mirror booth, you can send your guests a digital album after the event so they can keep their photos forever.

Traditional photo booths are large, clunky, and often have major technical issues. This is so not the case with selfie mirror booths; their sturdy but the sleek design ensures that you’ll never have an issue taking or printing photos. Plus, because selfie mirror booths are much smaller, they are portable and can be rented, whereas a traditional photo booth would typically have to be purchased in full.

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Traditional photo booths also do not offer special add-ons like the Kardashian smoothing filter that selfie mirror booths do. If you want a modern and trendy look to your photos and the ability to digitally upload to Instagram, selfie mirror booths are a no-brainer.

Tips for Using a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

If you have decided on photobooth Rental at your next event, there are a few tips to make the experience extra fun for you and your guests. First, we highly recommend renting a photo booth rather than buying one. Unless you host events very regularly, renting a photo booth is much more cost-efficient.

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Secondly, the photo booth can be extra fun by adding customized props, backgrounds, and digital frames. Many selfie booth rental companies have rental packages that include customization. So, for example, if you have a selfie booth at your wedding, you can have your and your new spouse’s name on the frame of all the photos, plus silly wedding photo booth props for your guest.

In Conclusion

Hiring a traditional photographer is getting outdated. It’s expensive, unreliable, and, honestly, not that fun for your guests. Photo booths create an interactive, collaborative experience that your guests can enjoy together. They’ll go home with physical copies of their photos as well as digital ones so they can post to social media and remember the event forever.

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If you do decide to get a photobooth rental rather than a traditional photographer, it’s important to choose a selfie mirror booth. These are super trendy right now, and your guests will be enthralled when they see the photo booth at your event. Plus, these are easy and affordable to rent and come with special features like filters and photo customization.

Recommendation: Where to Rent a Photo Booth

When looking for photobooth Rental, you’ll want to make sure to find one that’s affordable, high-quality, and has lots of different package options. So, we recommend renting a photo booth from Selfie Booth Co. for your next event. Selfie Booth Co. provides a variety of package options, so you can pick the one that perfectly suits your event. Plus, their photo booths are affordably rented, and super high quality, and fun to use. Your guests will definitely be impressed to see a photo booth from Selfie Booth Co. at your event.

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Have you ever used a selfie booth at an event? Tell us about your experience below, and don’t forget to like and share on social media. Thanks for reading! 

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